Welcome to DOCHTML

The HP200LX palmtop is palmtop from Hewlett Packard that is circa 1995(?).  It runs MS-DOS 5.0 and a suite of tools customized by HP for the palmtop including Lotus 1-2-3.  The applications that were bundled with this palmtop has set the standard for all modern devices.

The HP200LX comes bundled with an editor called the Memo editor that supports rudimentary word processing and formatting capabilities.  

The DOCHTML is an MS-DOS based tool that runs on HP200LX.   DOCHTML can convert Memo file into a HTML file.  Additionaly, HTML tags can be embedded in the DOC file and they are copied to the generated HTML file as is without any changes.


My thanks to the wonderful folks at SourceForge who have provided hosting facilities for this tool.