DOCHTML : HP 200LX Memo to HTML Converter

Vivek Venugopalan

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Revision History
Revision 1.01997-7-21Revised by: VivekV
Revision 1.11998-08-25Revised by: VivekV
Added support for ISO8859-1 character set.

DOCHTML ver. 1.1 is a command line DOS application that converts a HP 200LX's Memo file to a HTML file that can be directly publish on the web. The formatting facilities available in memo editor can be used and they get translated to their HTML equivalent. Additionaly, HTML tags can be embedded in the DOC file and they are also embedded into the HTML file.


Usage: DOCHTML <Doc File> <HTML File>

This reads the HP200LX palmtop's .DOC file and generates a HTML file for it.